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Coaching and Mentoring

Mags is a qualified Coach and Mentor with a Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (Level 5) from the Institute of Leadership and Management and is also an approved coach with the University of Strathclyde. She provides coaching and mentoring for individuals in academia, the pharmacy profession and other health professionals, as well as to individuals from other backgrounds and professions as part of their personal development. She follows and complies with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Ethics .

Mags derived tremendous benefit from being the recipient of coaching and mentoring, particularly during the latter part of her academic career, and wishes she’d had this input earlier in her career. This was the main driver for her becoming a coach and mentor so that she can share her experience and expertise and help individuals to achieve their potential.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?


Coaching is about changing the coachee’s way of thinking, behaving or believing. As a coach, Mags will help to develop your skills and knowledge to improve your performance. During coaching sessions, rather than giving advice, she encourages and helps clients to find solutions to challenges and meeting goals. Some individuals engage in short-term coaching relationships to achieve a specific purpose e.g. promotion or to secure a new employment position, whilst others are longer term.


Mentoring is a form of training and learning to support personal development. Mentoring can involve mentors who have specialised knowledge; for example, Mags has specialist knowledge of academia, the National Health Service, health services research and the pharmacy profession. Whilst having specialist knowledge can be helpful, it is not essential for a successful and effective mentoring relationship. In contrast to coaching, mentoring is an advice-led relationship, so Mags uses her professional and personal experience to advise mentees. This might involve discussing how things are done e.g. what goals need to be met to fulfil promotion criteria, or, advice derived from her experience e.g. “In this situation, I suggest you try doing it this way”.

If you are unsure about whether you would like to engage in coaching or mentoring, contact Mags to discuss the options. There is no charge for the initial consultation. A range of packages is available for these coaching and mentoring services, from a per session fee, to multiple session packages. Bespoke corporate packages are also available.

CV Review

The content and presentation of your CV can be crucial to your success in job applications and promotion submissions. Individuals often underestimate the importance of the type of information to present, how to present it and what not to present. Mags provides a CV review service, either as part of her mentoring service, or as a standalone service to clients who require independent, unbiased input.

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Coaching and Mentoring

While working on my promotion application from Senior Lecturer to Reader, Mags provided me with feedback on my application, in particular on the CV component. She provided both practical and strategic advice on the structure and content of my CV. I found this feedback to be very useful as it helped me to shape my CV and think about type of information that I needed to present both within the CV and elsewhere in the application. My application was successful! 

Reader, CV review and promotion application

I approached Mags for career mentoring as I was at a crossroads and in need of a trusted advisor to support me in setting and prioritising goals. Mags is very accessible and approachable and worked with me using structured techniques which I found really helpful, particularly in identifying my strengths and passions. Her approach is non-judgmental and she is a fantastic listener and worked with my best interests at heart. Anything shared was always treated in the utmost confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Mags to anyone who requires a trusted professional to support and challenge them to set milestones and support them with the skills required to achieve their goals,

Mentee 1

Another really positive mentoring session. The session really helped me to reflect on my career goals and tap into Mags’ expertise from her career in academia. I came away with a much clearer idea of the career options open to me, and how I could begin to think about mapping a route towards some career goals. Mags also provided some tips on how to enhance my CV, which were very helpful. Mags has a knack for asking probing questions that help me to come up with solutions to the issues I’m facing. She always listens very intently to what I have to say and offers advice where appropriate. As usual, Mags provided some much-needed clarity, and I came away from the session with some clear points of action.

Mentee 3

My overall experience was very positive. This meeting came at an excellent time as I had just been offered a new job and was about to enter negotiations. Mags listened to my situation and the context informing it. She provided specific guidance on how I could present myself strongly at the negotiating table, and how to avoid traps that I was easily falling into (e.g. belittling my success). I left the meeting feeling far more equipped for the conversations that awaited me and confident that I would negotiate them in a more informed manner.
I was also very pleased with the outcome from my negotiations around my new job and also how I conducted myself during this process. The session I’d had with Mags prior to this definitely helped. I really value Mags as a mentor and feel very lucky that I can continue on this journey with her.

Mentee 2

Mags listened carefully, asked open and helpful questions and gave lots of space for me to respond. Moving outside my comfort zone is a useful part of our relationship! Mags gave useful advice and positive feedback.

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